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Who are you?

And what are you doing in my bathroom?!

Renegade Necrophile Princess
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Pipkin is an animal native to the Midwest area of the Americas. Usually found in dark, heavily wooded areas, this creature is also prone to intoxication commonly caused by PC games and Science Fiction. Aggressive under most circumstances, approach to such a beast should be done with utmost caution. Unless, of course, one proceeds with proper gifts to sooth it's temper. Once befriended and well-trained, she makes a valuable companion; capable of hunting, gathering, and preparing delicious foods.

Despite the warnings of my friends and family, I have moved away..claiming a new life in the great northern land of Canada. I now live in Vancouver, BC, with my heterosexual life-mate and my two cats.

Having graduated from a college of Culinary Arts with honors, I now wear a crisp white uniform with double rows of buttons to work every day. Sometimes, I drink beer.

I am currently continuing my education.. in something that has very little to do with food, at all. I am now a statistic, as my first Chef Instructor warned me that I would be. Maybe if being a cook didn't suck so bad, more people would keep doing it.


kosh is cryptic.

I also used to be known as hlaogein so if you wanna be a nosy bastard, you can read that crap..